Monday, May 3, 2010

Full Circle Four

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May 03, 2010
A few weeks ago, I obtained a phone number for Bob. So I called him up!   He lives in Nebraska. He is in his eighties, he never married.  His sister Joyce is still living in Norfolk, Nebraska.  She suffered a small stroke the week that I talked to Bob, he said that she should recover completely.  Bob was a Cattle Feeder his whole life, and never found anyone that he liked well enough to marry. 

He told me a story about three brothers that settled in Fremont, Nebraska, one wasn't married.  The brothers all went to the United Brethren Methodist Church which is now the United Methodist Church.  Anyways, the presiding elder at the church suggested that the bachelor visit a family with six daughters at Hoskins.  So the bachelor went a calling with a team and a wagon at dinner time one night, picked one out and they were married the next day.   They lived together for years, then the wife died and he required some care so Bob's Mother cared for him, one day he up and died.  Bob said "He died from loneliness, he loved her so much."

Bob has lived in Stanton, Nebraska all his life.  He talked my ear off, he said  "This is the weirdest phone call I have ever got in my entire life."   He said, that yes I could mail him the photographs that he would give them to his sister, he himself didn't have much use for them, perhaps his niece would like them.  

I was correct in my assumption and so was Abra, he is related to the Vogues and to the Meirherys that live here in Minnesota at Deer Creek.  He said he thinks his cousin Marlys lives in Park Rapids, which is very near me..but he cannot remember her last name.   He also said that Fred Vogue was an avid photographer. 

With nothing else happening with these photos I declare them full circle. 
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  1. Amazing the twists and turns that your Old Photo blog has taken. What a great idea you have here Connie!

  2. Woot Woot again!!!! I love the feeling of connectiveness to others that I get when these photos are sent on, and the stories received in return. I am so happy to help you dig up details, even when we hit dead ends and must start again! I suppose I will need to try to figure out who Marlys is! LOL! ~Abra

  3. Just got back from a weekend away to find this lovely post. How fantastic! :-)


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