Monday, May 17, 2010

Photo Number 197

This was probably taken by John Stolt, he was an early photographer in Calumet, Michigan. I will guess that this photo is from right around 1900.    Michigan history is confusing..Calumet was called Red Jacket, and a nearby town of Laurium was called Calumet until 1895.   My Great Grandparents were from this area of Michigan, my Great Grandfather was a miner in the Copper Mines before he gave it up for land and farming in Minnesota.  So what ever info I can learn from the area they lived in is interesting to me.
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  1. I always think the clothes looks too small in these early photos. She has very pretty, deep-set eyes.

  2. The Copper Dad was from Keweenaw Bay and my husband is from L' brother owns a cabin on Lake Medora near Copper Harbor...all places near Laurium and Calumet.
    Did you know that at one time, Calumet was so big it was being considered for the capital of Michigan instead of Lansing?


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