Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photo Number 691

Last spring I happened upon a whole bunch of Military Photographs.  Most are snapshots.  They were in a bag along with other photos in an antique shop in Brainerd Minnesota.  On the outside of the bag was this notation:  Margaret Lundborg My Life 1930. It may or may not be a clue. 


After looking at the photos I “think” that her brother may have been in the service..although it could have been her.

The Battle of Leyte an Island in the Philippines  dates from 20 Oct to 31 December 1944. It was 67 years ago and I am doubtful that we will be able to locate any of the people in these photos..but we may be able to locate family.

96th at Leyte Group photo


96th at Leyte list on back

96th Division on Leyte  and off to the side Taken on Leyte.

Lent, Hunt, Johnson, Cortez, Athens, Ragland, Thomas, Strom, Hart, Ponds, Meget, Palm, Libienthal, Ludwick, Casdollar

Monch,Ulisa, Red, Hubble, Tommy, Machinski, Gendon, Sheets, Walls, Conard, Martin, Sorlotta, Atkinson, Barnheart, Justis

Hillard, Elmer, Marby, Wilkins, Schefsick

There are way many more soldiers in the photo than there are names.

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** This collection of Military Photos were taken on Leyte, Okinawa and at a unknown military hospital.  There are 60 snapshots..I will not present all of them..but I will present the ones that are marked with names.   I contacted the 96th Division reunion web site and sent email copies of the photos to them last June..I have not heard anything back from them.


  1. Are you sure it's Margaret and not Margrethe, Margarita or Margaretha?
    Just asking.

  2. I found out there are some genealogy forums that deal with WWII pictures, and I posted the link to your article on a couple of those forums. Hopefully, you'll hear from someone! I tried that, myself, when I came across a military picture a few months ago, and actually found one family member (out of five in my photo) who was able to identify her dad. With so many in your photo, you will surely come across someone who will want to claim it!!!

  3. With that many in the picture with lots of names on the back, chances are good that you will hear from somebody who relates to it.

  4. Dr. Jeff those are all possible. The other photos that are in the bag are all Mpls/St Paul of Minnesota area..where the most likely name is Margaret.:)

  5. Jacqi, Thank you! You never can tell! :)

  6. Local to me we have two Pearl Harbor survivors, so it is possible there are a few WW2 vets in your area. I hope you find someone to claim this photo. The book Tears in the Darkness relates the story of the Bataan Death March, which began on Leyte. There is a good likelihood than many of these boys died on Leyte or on the March. It was a terrible time for American and Filipino soldiers.

    BTY, Leyte is pronounced Lay-tee. Where I live all the streets are named for the islands.

  7. Margaret Lundborg was married to Harry Larson in 1946.

  8. My dad was with the 96th and was shot during the invasion of Leyte. He probably would never be on the photo, but yet I did look and would look at any photos of the 96th hoping to find something. My dad, shot in the upper part of his leg was on the beach all day until evacuated to a hospital ship then transported to New Guinea where he recovered never to return to the front. Records of his hospitalization were burned in the 70's according to what I've learned but I'm most interested. I also have a book about the 96th, they called themselves the DeadEyes.

  9. Thanks for stopping by Duane..nice to hear from a family member of someone that was sorry he is not in any of the photos..and I am glad he recovered:)

  10. I looked for my Dad in your pictures. He was there also. He was a paratrooper. I was told his records were destroyed in a fire(1973) I believe. I wish I knew how to track his moves when he was there. He passed in 2003.I have very few pictures. One I think may have been taken over there. He was in Luzon also. He recieved 2 stars for each landing. Thanks for sharing the pictures. God bless you and our guys who fought and are fighting for us all.

    1. Thanks for the comment..I hope one of these soldiers relatives show up someday. I am sorry you don't have many photos of your Dad..if you know what unit he was with sometimes you can track them from what others have written on the Internet:)


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